Interior Decoration Part 1

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Interior Decoration Part 1

Interior Decoration Part 1


Whether you're decorating a single room or a whole house, a cottage or a castle, you will start by choosing the style or styles you want to implement. Remember, there is nothing wrong in mixing different interior styles, just be consistent. In order to choose what is right for you - you must first focus on your likes and dislikes, then understand the elements which will help you achieve your dream room or express your very unique taste.

Design styles implemented by Lux Builders & Remodeling :
California Bungalow | Cape Code |Coastal Living | French & Country Style | Victorian House Style | Contemporary | Mediterranean | Traditional & Antique | Casual Style | Formal Style | Tropical & Plantation Style | Eclectic & Bohemian Style

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TIP: Two Big Families: Colors can be classified as either warm or cool. If the color has yellow undertones, it is warm (orange, fire-engine red, yellow-green). If it has blue undertones, it is cool (royal blue, maroon, deep forest green). This principle also applies to lighter shades of the color. 

TIP: Group Pieces for Impact: Color is
as good starting point as any when accessorizing a room. A grouping of objects in the same one or two colors, displayed together, acquires the status of a collection and is a more important decorative element than those same objects displayed separately. 

TIP: One Step Away: You can use more than one fabric pattern in a room, but for cohesiveness, each should have one or more colors in common with the primary fabric. For instance, a room might draw its color scheme from an upholstery fabric with blue and green on a cream background. One accent pillow might be blue, another blue and green, and another green and cream.

TIP: Finding Balance:-Color proportions make an enormous difference in how a room looks and feels. The vivid color you use as an accent may seem overwhelming on large surfaces such as walls or carpeting. Or you might find that you appreciate its powerful statement. There's no right or wrong way to allocate various color - it's a matter of preference.

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