Interior Decoration Part 2

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Interior Decoration Part 2

Interior Decoration Part 2

TIP: Art-Directed Elements: Emphasize even a small painting or sculpture by displaying it against an accent wall or different color. The art becomes more of a focal point, and colors in the room work to support it.

TIP: Pulled Together: Bind rooms with a thread of color that leads the eye from on area to another. For example, if the dining room has yellow walls, repeat the yellow in the living room - even a bowl of apples can do the job. Yellow-print pillow or draperies would make the connection even more explicit.

TIP: Successful Combination: Two complementary colors, opposites on the color wheel, look best when they are roughly equal in intensity and value. Use pale with pale and deep with deep.

TIP: Repetition, Repetition: In design, the word "cohesion" refers to a room that is pulled together well. Any room can be more cohesive if you select a few key elements - color, shape, line, or material - and repeat them several times for emphasis.

TIP: Group Values: When combining a number of different colors, use those with similar intensities and values. Anything too much darker or lighter immediately stands out.

TIP: Consider The Natural Light: Abundant sunshine reflecting from off-white walls offers relief from so many grayed colors. In rooms without so much light, you can go a little brighter with colors and get the same subdued effect.

TIP: A Rosy Outlook: Indulge your passion for pink in the more public areas of your home instead of confining it to bed and bathrooms. Include enough dark or bright accents to keep the pastel tint from seeming excessively sweet.

TIP: Committee of One: When decorating your home office, go for the colors you love, no matter how "unbusinesslike," when decorating your home office. You may feel more eager to tackle the day's work when you're comfortable in your surroundings.

TIP: Add The Seasoning: To keep your pastel room from seeming too tame, throw in a bold color accent that's one step away from the complementary color. Instead of pure yellow with this lavender, for instance, the accent is yellow-green. Another good choice would be yellow-orange.

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