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LUX Builders & Remodeling offers a complete service utilizing the design-build concept. The Blue Prints and Design stage of the project is vital and can be overwhelming especially on larger scale construction projects. As one of the top remodeling companies’ and custom home builders in Los Angeles, we will help you achieve the best design to create the home of your dreams. Some customer’s work better with a very detailed blueprint and design prior to constructions; and other clients are inspired during the process of construction. Whichever customer you are, Lux Builders will be there to guide you in your project.

Lux Builders team has the knowledge and flexibility to work with all project sizes. From small to complex, Lux can handle your construction project.

Already have blueprints? No worries, Lux Builders will provide a comprehensive bid based on those plans.

Lux Builders & Remodeling Inc. will assist in Blue Prints and Design process when contracted to perform the work.

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